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Army Airborne
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SMSgt Service Stripes with Coin
CMSgt Service Stripes with Coin
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Dawn Jarrels  Artist/Owner

Personalized Family Heirlooms that Last Generations

Raven Rock Glass Portfolio Site 

Currently working on studio remodel and not taking orders until 2024. 
Check back soon!!!

All the images you see are a very small sampling of my portfolio of previously commissioned work,  along with a close estimate of price for a design of that nature. Nothing is pre-made.  All designs are initiated once an order is placed. Completion times are strictly upheld on my part! Completion times are based on current workload and the complexity of the design you are interested in.  I am happy to quote you a completion date, which is always strictly upheld.  
Custom designs are my specialty! EVERYTHING you see is created by hand and without the use of any commercial patterns.  No designs are off limits.   Popular designs can be purchased through my stores (this site & through Etsy), but please contact me for custom work orders if you do not see a design that fits your needs.
Please read my testimonials page, which I try to update every few months.  
Most designs range from $195-$450. Click on photos to get information such as price etc. Larger designs only require a 50% deposit.  

Photos are sent to you during the cutting/coppering phase,  & again upon completion. I am availible 7 days a week to correspond and answer questions.

ALL military designs include complimentary engraving up to 4 lines of text.  Certain designs also contain a complimentary coin (such as a variety of service stripes).  MANY clients like to incorporate their own personal coins.  That is no extra charge at all.  Simply contact me and I will notate your order and give you the studio address to ship it to.  Color changes are nearly always accommodated without a change in price.  Every design you see on my site started with a request from a client, so please let me know if you do not see what you are looking for.  

Orders are safely shipped via USPS, with Tracking, & FULLY insured, for retail price.  A standard $15 packaging materials fee is added to all orders to cover all materials and labels needed to ensure a safe delivery. Pickups can be arranged in the greater DC area! There are certain designs that vary so much, based upon your requests, that it is hard to guess the final weight, and therefore shipping is calculated at the very end of the process and billed separately.
Zinc framing, Steel Chains, Stainless Steel Eyelets, Personalized Engraving
208-598-0091 (Studio Message Phone)
Or shop the most popular designs by visiting my Etsy Store
Please feel free to email me an image of what you envision and I will gladly respond with a quote and timeline.
Cheers!  Dawn

Click on images for more information
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